A Mid-week in Waco

In lieu of Silobration week, I thought it fitting to share some of my favorite moments and details when my Mother-In-Law and I took Collins down to Waco Tuesday-Thursday on October 2nd-5th, 2017. I left feeling so inspired and excited to make our new home we'll be moving in to (all too soon!) our own. … Continue reading A Mid-week in Waco


Vital Proteins Review

Hi all! Seen on Courtney's Instagram You might've seen me using my Vital Proteins products recently on my Instagram stories, @courtney.tracy but I wanted to share first, what Collagen Peptides are and why they benefit a person and second, a more full review of what I've been using and how I've been using them in my … Continue reading Vital Proteins Review

*And I quote* husband’s favorite-ever healthy GF banana bread recipe

Alright, I have tried and tried several variations of healthy banana bread recipes and none have ever quite had the consistency I've been looking for. So, I took the recipe I had been using that was our favorite of the umpteen recipes I had made and tweaked them slightly on my own! And ta-da! The … Continue reading *And I quote* husband’s favorite-ever healthy GF banana bread recipe

Freedom in Christ

Free. Freedom. The word freedom feels so fragile this week. This year. Doesn't it? If there was ever a time that you needed evidence the broken world we live in due to sin, and its desperate need for a Savior, turn on the news. Read it on the internet. It's there, in your face, clear … Continue reading Freedom in Christ

God Is Compassionate When We Are Not

Good morning! As I finished up reading Jonah, I had some time of reflection over the last two verses, questions, that God asks Jonah for the reader to think on and answer too. God used this passage to tend to my heart. Let me be transparent with you, because #impressingisexhausting: I can be very impatient … Continue reading God Is Compassionate When We Are Not


 I am SO excited about this giveaway for you! I have teamed up with several wonderful businesses and artists to bring you an assortment of goodies you are going to love this summer! Before I jump into what is up for grabs in MY giveaway, you must know about the 8 OTHER giveaways that are … Continue reading Blog Hop GIVEAWAY!

Waiting For What’s Next

Do you have a time and place you like to sneak away to so you can reset? Clear your head? For me that's outside. Last night after it taking an abnormally long time to lay C down, I snuck off to the edge of the dock. I just sat down, listened to the waves, the … Continue reading Waiting For What’s Next